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We would be joyous to have your 4 legged family member stay with us!

We are a brand new, luxurious building outside of Dresden, ON to keep your dog(s) safe and happy while you are away. 

Your dog is in good hands with a Veterinarian Technician on site 24/7!

We have 11 runs available that are 4x4 all with access to a spacious, personal outdoor area of 4x8. We also have larger runs as well if you wish to have more space for you pet(s). 

We sit down a country road on 60 acres with plenty outdoor large spacious grassed areas for dogs to run and play.

We welcome diabetic dogs and pets with special needs at no extra cost.

We offer

- Aromatherapy treatment with essential oils & diffuser to help keep your pet calm and soothed

- Gentle music

- Large windows to allow in more light

- Climate controlled suites

- Spacious living

- 1:1 time in prep room for breakfast/supper & extra belly rubs during the day
(we call it "house time")

- Plenty of play/exercise time outside 
- Baths, Nail trims, Ear Cleanings, Anal glands & more upon request

Our rate is $29.00/day and $20.00 same house hold second/third dog

Book Now, or Contact us with questions
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